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How Working Together Matters : Adversity, Aspiration, Action
by Chan, David (edt.)
ISBN-13 : 9789813278400
ISBN-10 : 9813278404
Publisher : World Scientific
Format : Hardback
Pub Date : November 2018
Status : Published

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This book is about the art and science of finding solutions to helping families in crisis, and making a real and lasting positive difference in their lives. It is about helping people in need, as well as lessons on adversity, aspiration and action when multiple different stakeholders work together in the helping process. The book is organised into two parts. Part 1 discusses the issues in an unprecedented real-life interim housing project in Singapore that helped families in crisis over several years. Part 2 contains chapters critically reflecting on the experiences and lessons learned from the helping process in this project. Collectively, the chapters in this book address salient questions on helping people in need and implications for building a strong Singapore society.
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  • Social Science / Sociology
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